«Sumrrá» en Canadá · 26-27 de junio 2023

After twenty-three years together, six albums, and hundreds of concerts around half the world, the contemporary jazz trio from Galicia, Spain known as Sumrrá is undoubtedly one of the most convincing trios on the Spanish jazz scene. Since 2000, these three musicians have captivated critics and audiences alike, with an unclassifiable and melodic jazz that highlights the originality of its compositions and the freshness of its live performances. Pianist Manuel Gutierrez, bassist Xacobe Martínez Antelo, and drummer L.A.R. Legido, now present 7 Visions, a new record that brings a new perspective to understanding live music. Their familiarity with each other makes it possible for them to blend individual interpretation into a sympathetic harmony. In their concerts, they present a truly unique and characteristic sound, full of power and drama, accompanied by large doses of technique, lyricism, swing, and even humour.

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